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The Crowbrothers Intro The Crowbrothers Intro

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Crow eye animation at the beginning is a nice attention getter but then it takes too long for the rest of the intro to get started. You want your audience to know what the show is about as quickly as possible because peoples' attention spans are SHORT. Perhaps cut the part after the eye leading up to the narration so that you keep that interest rolling without any breaks. Also, love narrator's voice but it's kind of hard to hear.

The Trampoline The Trampoline

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Delightful and simple concept. Love the animation of him flipping around on the trampoline. Buildup and anticipation was well executed - comedic timing was on point (both which are tricky to pull off). Overall a joy to watch!

Hope's Boat Ride (PILOT PART 2) Hope's Boat Ride (PILOT PART 2)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good sound quality. Nice voice acting. Good use of ambiance and sound fx. Interesting camera angle at 42 sec and appropriate since it's from the character's pov. Story went a little too fast though. I couldn't figure out why the character in the overalls flipped his attitude so quickly and decided to join the protagonist at the end with no explanation.

Artwork could obviously improve but I get that animating is tricky. If you have have the capability try playing around with different brushes to add some texture - especially with the background and you'll see a huge difference. Also you could use different mouth shapes for phonetic sounds: I find this diagram to be extremely helpful and simple

Additionally if you add eyebrows to your characters it will make it far easier to articulate their expressions.

An Adult with an Imagination is a Kid which Survived An Adult with an Imagination is a Kid which Survived

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very cool cinematic piece. Lots's of visually interesting stuff!

Now I'm about to be really critical. Your cinematography is, at times, absolutely atrocious. For example from 0:09-0:16 your establishing shot zooms in on the these random clouds in the corner when all the interesting stuff is in the opposite side of the screen; then you zoom back out and back in on a different part!?!? There's no reason to do that. All the moving around takes away from the emotion you're trying to convey... Simple is more effective - you should have had a single pan in on your character. Then in 1:44-1:54 you do a downward pan where you alternate between fast and slow moving speed. Why? It feels really ugly and there's nothing gained by doing it. I also don't understand why you chose to do a downward pan when the character is moving across the screen horizontally, lol.

That being said you do have some absolute gems that translated well. Shot at 0:19, beautiful and matches the mood of the music and ambiance. 1:13-1:22 simple yet powerful imagery. 2:06-2:17 pan upward works well with the vertical moment of the sea-monster - didn't need the pan downward before that.

You're animation work is great but your cinematography could use work. If you do some research and know the reasons why you use every shot then your feature will improve.

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SkillSkillFiretruck responds:

Thanks a lot. Yeah, I agree my cinematography was all over the place at times. the 0:09-0:16; i liked how the clouds just before this shot goes into clouds. I also liked how the windmill was in the position where the boy is in the next shot (~directing the eye in a way, if they viewer was looking the windmill). Fair enough though!

1:44-1:54. You are correct XD. This was a very bad flowing part; I'm fully aware of it. I did 'that' (the fast running clip just before 1:44, and editing it in) at like the end of the whole production which I had to complete this project and move on from it for reasons. Maybe the intensity of the lighting in the clouds help it though or could of been more intense with more horizontal lighting strikes. But anyways, thanks a lot.

Thanks! more to come. Appreciate it!

Reinaldo Reinaldo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Artwork is pleasing and clean. Animation is smooth and character expressions are well projected. There's cartoons on tv that don't have as good animation as this - your work is very refreshing.

I second Nail's notion that the audio could be smoothed out more to improve the viewing experience. Good animation like this deserves good audio.

A nine minute video drawn frame by frame? That's a lot of dedication. How can I not give 5 stars? Good job!

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fabianlpineda responds:

Thank you! :)

Fay Aids scarf Fay Aids scarf

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You did a good job making the market feel alive - I feel the animated crowd and ambience do a lot to achieve that. Your lead, the skeleton vendor, was funny!

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willcamick responds:

AAAAH! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! I was not sure if it was funny or not because I didt get any comments so im happy some one let me know. Thank you for the epic review =)